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Greg Tatnell

CEO / Founder / Primary Photographer

DreaMoments was established by Greg Tatnell in South Brisbane. His love and passion combined for people in life and photography itself, allows him a unique perspective which he strives to capture for all clients. We at DreaMoments understand the importance of quality, service and a friendly face. We like being fun and creative and always give an artistic flare to your special day. We are here personally for you and your needs to make your dream moments immortalised for all time. Professional photographer Greg, who has been doing photography for a very long time, has amazing understanding of light in uncontrolled environments and has the timing and patience needed to capture true emotion and energy on any day. Although Greg has extensive knowledge and understanding of video production as well, photography is his true passion.

DreaMoments offers professional advice and listens very carefully to every clients needs before hand because we understand everyone is different and expects something unique. To add a personal touch and save you time which is precious to you, your professional photographer Greg, personally offers to visit clients in the Brisbane area for free, at your house, in your time and discuss in detail your needs, wants and dreams for your special day and make them a reality. Simply use the Menu -> Contact Us link above to request your time with Greg and get your free home consultation today.

DreaMoments offers a complete range of professional photographic services, including weddings, anniversaries, milestones, birthdays, baby and first year born, family portraits and special events. Any event that is special to you is special to us.

Graphic Designer

Dream Team Graphic Designer

DreaMoments has professional graphic designers, We call them the Dream Team. They are ready to bring your photos to life into a masterpiece you will treasure for all time. Their designs are truely fun and breath taking and takes art creations to a new level. Once yours is created you will own the copyright of the work so you can print as many copies as you like. Talk to our Dream Team today for ideas and information. They are always happy to help and inspire new design. This is Brisbane's best kept secret. The creation and design of this type of high end art takes alot of time to make, so much time that most graphic designers reserve these for high paying wedding clients. Today, DreaMoments is making it affordable for everyone to enjoy. We have a range of basic to advance services we can offer all clients. DreaMoments has a large selection of new children's art to make the kids really smile. Can you use your exisiting photos and just let us do the hard work making it for you? YES!!! We can use your photos. How about photos off your phone, can you use that? We say....why not! If your photos are of low quality, we have a few tricks to help. You will be amazed! For absolute best results, it is best to get our professional photographer to visit you.

Get us to create something special for you or a loved one. Bring your wall to life with our amazing Dream Merge Art selection or bring your storey to life in our personalised and custom photo books. Whether it is for your home or office, our Dream Merge Art will brighten any room. Simply use the Menu -> Packages to book your design creation. Need a Photographer first? no problem, Book our photographers by Menu -> Services and we will visit you first.

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